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Car dealership

Billy Whittaker

Billy Whittaker came to Enrich Marketing to help build the “Billy” brand in his local market, Syracuse, and his new market, Rochester.

furniture store

Lake Effect Furniture

This growing, local brand came to Enrich Marketing with a simple request, to stand out in the market against much larger and established brands.

car dealer

Mike Barney Nissan

Make buying a used car fun again.  Enrich was able to take all the key features that make Mike Barney Nissan’s used car department one of the best in the area and position their team in a fun, entertaining way.

law firm

William Mattar

William Mattar is long been known to be a great community partner.  Pencils 4 Schools is just one of those examples.  We were happy to help tell this story.

Eye Care

Atwal Eye Care and Von's Vision

With Von Miller now being on the Buffalo Bills, he wanted to bring his long-time charity, Von’s Vision, to the Buffalo area.  Atwal Eye Care happily steped up and offered their services to this great charity.  

furniture store

Nashco Furniture

NashCo prides itself as a non-pushy, comfortable buying experience.  We wanted to show the viewers an over-exaggerated version of pushy sales to show how bad that experience can be. Then offer the solution at NashCo Furniture.

hvac and plumbing

Taylor Heating and Cooling

Plumbing is not cool.  Well at Taylor Heating and Cooling, it can be.  they wanted to stand out and we helped make that a reality.

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